The Org Chart Explained

As our WGK alluded to in the last business meeting - the Org Chart is the brainchild of "how does a group of volunteers successfully pull off a large event?".

There is more information here:

In a nutshell, there are 6 leads for areas in the org chart.  Not every event will need to use each area.  As an example, the Mattress Sale didn't need the online ordering or network to be set up so, there was no large need for "technical" team for that event.  The mattress sale also didn't need the delivery team, since the Custom Fundraising Solutions (the mattress people) had their own delivery team.

Advertising - exactly what it sounds like - determine the scope and breadth of promotion needed leading up to an event and execute on all identified areas for it. (writing copy for ads in the bulletins, newspapers, email, etc.  Design or obtain advertising fliers, etc.  secure same using printing services.  Design, procure banners, road signs, and place them before the event, and retrieve them after event is over.  

Sales - This one is misleading, as it's not "true sales" as we don't pursue customers outside of advertising.  We don't hound people to buy.  The sales team is involved in determining profitability margins for an event and setting pricing (working closely with supply to determine costs for profit calculations).  The sales team also handles set up of cash boxes for an event, counting after an event, staffing the cashier areas for events where we sell, handling the square-up devices for taking credit / debit payments, etc.  They also are responsible for the design of the front end layout at events with cashiers - this includes the "people flow" of the front end.

Delivery - While this is typically thought of as "day of" support they also handle logistics for the setup and teardown of the serving lines.  The line between delivery and kitchen for cooking events is blurry.  Kathy Loeschorn, Jackie Veno, Roger and Debbie Reilly, and Kathy Strednak have all played a vital role in making sure the kitchen runs without a major problem.  Delivery spans all the cook/serve/deliver, and clean up functions of a fish fry.

Supply - gather the needs list for any event, and spec / order for the event.  This has been mostly a Jim Piasecki function, he's the most experienced at it, and he has a wealth of information that he's built up over the years to keep things running close to forecasted numbers.  It also includes the shopping and buying of product to support the events, and the inventory for all KofC owned equipment and supplies.

Dovetail - This area handles all the outreach and coordination with other groups for large events.  Contacting other groups and arranging for their assistance before the event.  As a Fish fry example, it would mean coordinating which groups will provide desserts for the event, ensuring they know the ground rules for the event and St. MM's rules for safety - "nut free environment" etc.   Dovetail also coordinates "day of" staffing of volunteers for the event, including check in / check out.  Dovetail is a flex area in the org chart and can play a narrow or very wide role based on what the event is.  

Technical - This area handles the "IT" side of a large event - setting up and running the website for pre-orders, handling fish fry event flow using the large monitors and checking in guests with laptop terminals, handling label printers for fish fry meals, etc.  This has historically been a  Paul Thomann led effort, but there are some guys who know the computer system that has been built fairly well.  Also included is network setup for the event, and coordination of all the volunteer laptops that get rolled out for supporting a large event.  There are many many computers in use at different areas for order tracking and fulfillment during a fish fry.

That was a pretty big nutshell, but still an overview.  

Please let me know if you have questions.  I have holes in each area, I may lack a lead for an area, and we can always use eager assistants in each area.  If you're interested in a particular area, the best thing to do is to talk with an area lead.  Or contact me and I will make the introduction.

Joe Mills