Grand Knight Messages

Newsletter February 22, 2018 - Council 7186 is strong and resilient!


Hello Brothers, Wives and Friends,

As many of you know we were forced to cancel this Friday's fish fry.  We did not have a technical system and we chose to hold off on the supply.  That is the difficult news.

Here is where the strength of Unity and Fraternity of Council 7186 shines brightly.  Within moments of the news we have a team over ten Brothers, Wives and Friends assembled and diligently working on a new order system, a new website ( is down and not available to our council) and a new organization system since the Wiki page is end of life.  This technical team is laser focused on getting up and running for March 9th.  I will keep you informed. 

"This could be the worst disaster in council 7186 ever experienced. 
With all due respect, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour."

OK not an exact Apollo 13 quote but you get the message!

The joy in my heart from each of you that have digested all the information and put Jesus, the people we serve from the fish fry profits and this council first.  Thank you!

We are called!  Now is a great time to come out and get involved.

Paul L. McGrath & Umberto Norigenna
Knights of Columbus - Grand Knight
Father H. Charles Mulholland Council
Council #7186 - Apex, NC