Grand Knight Messages

We are Ready!!!

We are ready to rock this Fish Fry!


ast night we had at least twelve people doing all the night before prep.  I hope this captures the group and apologize if I left anyone off:

eff Mimnaugh, Kevin MacDonald, Jackie Veno, Kathy Loeschorn, Steve Loeschorn, James (Kathy L Brother-In-Law), Scott Strednak, Kathy Strenak, Gus Garcia, Dan Cantrell, Courtney Cantrell and yours truly.


he cod is prepared, the potatoes are ready, the colesla made, tartar sauce made, and all ingredients for the breading, etc is made.  Fantastic job by all.

We are now ready for you to come out lend a hand and simply enjoy some beautifully cooked fish and shrimp.  

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you tonight.  Bring a smile and a hug!

Here is the signup: