StMM 2015 Mattress Sale FAQ

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Q.    A mattress sale?!

A.   Yes.  It sounds crazy, we know.  The reason that it works is that 1 in 10 people are in the market for a mattress and that’s a LOT of mattresses.  The reason that this concept works so well for the CFS,  the benefactors and the buyers is low overhead.   CFS saves money  because they don’t need to pay for permanent showroom space, nor do they spend much in advertising expenses.  The savings are passed on to the consumer and the benefactors, which is this case is the Knights of Columbus of Apex and the St. Mary Magdalene Church Fund. 

Q.    Do you have a store we can visit before the sale?

A.    We only set up at schools and churches and that’s one reason why our prices are so low.  We have no showroom.  Our sales are 1 or 2 days only on site.  You don’t have to commit to buy, just come see what we have to offer.  

Q.     What sizes will be available?

A.     Any size you want.  From twin to California king and special sizes too.

Q.   What Brands are available?

A.    We carry Simmons, BeautyRest, Restonic, and Southerland brands.  All of our beds have Non-Prorated Warranties.  We take quality very seriously and that is the only way that we can go back to the same places for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.  Annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser.  The testimonials from the 1st annual sale actually help grow the following ones.

Q.   Are your beds made in the USA?

A.   Yes, most in North Carolina.  Simmons and BeautyRest in Charlotte, Restonic in Fayetteville NC, and the Southerland in Nashville Tn.

Q.   What are the types and prices of your mattresses?

A.   We have over 20 from which to choose at every sale covering most every type of mattress that you can find in an upscale mattress store.  We have innerspring, foam, memory gel, latex, hotel style, pillow tops, euro tops, and pretty much everything else besides a sleep number.  The prices start at $199 and go up to $2499 so we have something for every price point.

     Q.  How does the lay away work?

A.  Most people put down a 3rd or 4th of the total price and pay if off monthly.  After the last payment is made, we order the mattress and then deliver it.

Q.   Do we take the mattresses home that day?

A.   No, your bed will be made to order at the manufacturer. The bed will be available for delivery to your bedroom approximately 2 weeks after the sale.  You also have the option of picking up your bed at the warehouse in Raleigh on Wednesdays.

Q.   How does delivery work?

A.   Usually 2 weeks after the sale we deliver all the beds.  There is a $50 delivery fee and we will take set it up in your new bed up in your bedroom.

Q.   Do you take away the old mattress?

A.   For free we will carry your old mattress to your garage or your curb.  For $25 we will wrap it up and dispose of it for you.