Spring Festival Results!

PSO had a very successful Spring Festival due the great planning on their part, and accommodating weather!  

We also had a very successful event, that may become a lucrative fundraiser for us in future years.

Below are our results:

100 burgers sold, 148 hot dogs sold!  We were "under" stocked for the mass crowd we faced, but right in-line with previous years headcounts.

Our applied cost was $254.22.  The gross profit was $716.00.  The net profit was $461.78.

Not too bad for a small event!  

Special thanks to: 

Jim P:  for guiding me on the event process, ordering the supplies, and streamlining the setup.

Ken B., Dan and Courtney C., Umberto, Jim Serino, Len Lloyd, and our WGK.

Without their help I would have passed out in the first 5 minutes! 

STMM Spring Festival

When:  Friday April 15th from 3-7pm

Location:  STMM Athletic Field and Parking Lot

Our Contribution:  Burgers $3.00, Hot Dogs $2.00 (Thank you to Jim for purchasing!)

Any help is greatly appreciated from fellow Knights!  Thank you to Ken B. for volunteering.

Money in-take:  Cash or Squares or both?

PSO is looking for volunteer help from any members of our families.  Their Sign Up Genius link is below:!/showSignUp/20f0b4aaaa82a1-2016


Santa workshop purchases  totaled 12,000.  With the leftover inventory from last year the total net was 4,000.  They are happy with result.

Chantal is putting Fish Fry in the next PSO Bulletin and we can use the Bulletin board to advertise this week.

April 15: Spring Spectacular (not able to use back entrance to the field due to Church construction.). May be in the parking lot or back side of school.

PSO would like us to cook hot dogs and hamburgers.

They will also host a school event in the Spring for Church breaking celebration.

Casino night: Friday May 16th



School Update

Santa Workshop and Pancake Breakfast is quickly approaching!

Details:  8am to 12pm Saturday, December 12th

Where we are...

Flyers: 500 printed and distributed by PSO in folders, Parish Athletics, Bulletin

Dan Cantrell created a website for the event and preorder:

Discussion with PSO Chair Chantal:

PSO will be setting up early on Friday December 11th (half day of school)

Need help finding a Balloon Artist that is reasonably priced.  (under $400)  Anyone know of?

Deacon John will be the Santa.

There will be red and green wristbands like last year.  Red=breakfast, Green=both

Separate entrance for basketball players.

Tables can be set up cafeteria style just as last year.

Money collection:  PSO has a square.  Has offered and encouraged us to let them collect, freeing up more helpers for us.  They are open to either way.

Flyers:  Do we have a budget to print 100 more to flyer local businesses? 60.00 through Office Depot, 30.00 for 50.  PSO and I can flyer next week.

Coming Soon! Santa's Workshop and Pancake Breakfast!

Hello Brothers,

     It's that time of year again.  As with previous years, we are assisting the PSO with Santa's Workshop and Breakfast.  This year's date is December 12th, and the event will not conflict with any other Santa events locally.  We are hoping to have a great turnout.  Please stay tuned for more information and our Sign Up for the event.  Everyone's help is greatley appreciated!

Vivat Jesus!