School Update

Santa Workshop and Pancake Breakfast is quickly approaching!

Details:  8am to 12pm Saturday, December 12th

Where we are...

Flyers: 500 printed and distributed by PSO in folders, Parish Athletics, Bulletin

Dan Cantrell created a website for the event and preorder:

Discussion with PSO Chair Chantal:

PSO will be setting up early on Friday December 11th (half day of school)

Need help finding a Balloon Artist that is reasonably priced.  (under $400)  Anyone know of?

Deacon John will be the Santa.

There will be red and green wristbands like last year.  Red=breakfast, Green=both

Separate entrance for basketball players.

Tables can be set up cafeteria style just as last year.

Money collection:  PSO has a square.  Has offered and encouraged us to let them collect, freeing up more helpers for us.  They are open to either way.

Flyers:  Do we have a budget to print 100 more to flyer local businesses? 60.00 through Office Depot, 30.00 for 50.  PSO and I can flyer next week.