Spring Festival Results!

PSO had a very successful Spring Festival due the great planning on their part, and accommodating weather!  

We also had a very successful event, that may become a lucrative fundraiser for us in future years.

Below are our results:

100 burgers sold, 148 hot dogs sold!  We were "under" stocked for the mass crowd we faced, but right in-line with previous years headcounts.

Our applied cost was $254.22.  The gross profit was $716.00.  The net profit was $461.78.

Not too bad for a small event!  

Special thanks to: 

Jim P:  for guiding me on the event process, ordering the supplies, and streamlining the setup.

Ken B., Dan and Courtney C., Umberto, Jim Serino, Len Lloyd, and our WGK.

Without their help I would have passed out in the first 5 minutes!