Membership Dues

KofC Council 7186 Apex NC annual membership dues

Annual membership dues for KofC Council 7186

Please Note: If you have a amount on your bill that is different than below please email me at and I will send you a separate invoice that will allow you to pay the full amount.

This embedded form will use PayPal to submit a one time pament for the Council 7186 of Apex NC annual membership dues.

Membership Fees
Member Name

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When paying through PayPal, the amounts include the transaction fees charged by PayPal.

How to pay your member dues online using Zelle

Step 1) Go to Zelle:

Step 2) See if your Bank offers Zelle by searching Zelle’s list of supported banks

Step 3) If it does NOT, you will NOT be able to send money using Zelle. Either pay by check or PayPal 

Step 4) If it does, sign on to your Bank

Step 5) Under transfer money, pick send money thru Zelle

Add Contact/Recipient 

Step 1) For First Name enter “KofC Council 7186”

Step 2) Leave Last Name blank

Step 3) For Send by, choose email address and enter  email address must be correct if not money will NOT transfer

Step 4) Click Save; you should see “KofC Council 7186” in your contact list

To send money

Step 1) Pick account you would like the funds to come from

Step 2) Enter $ amount, there are no fees so enter amounts that are in your notice

Step 3) For Memo enter 2024 member dues

Step 4) Click Send

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